Saturday 02 December 2017

DEZEEP – "BEACH BUM" from DEZEEP on Vimeo.

Amsterdam, the setting of this short film ‘Beach Bum’.

A surfer leaves the beach and moves to the city. His passion for surfing still lives inside of him, but the concrete city, unlike the beach, doesn’t allow him to express his passion. In the city he’s being seduced by different elements; earth, fire, air, water and spirit. Drifting him further away from his passion and himself. He will have to adapt to not get drowned by the temptations of the city.


Directors: Thuy Nga Phan and Denise Bassahan
D.O.P.: Ino van der Sande
Production: Marlin Meulman
Focus Puller/AC: Arn Eekhout and Festus Toll
Editors: Thuy Nga Phan and Denise Bassahan
Colourist: Thuy Nga Phan
Composers: €€ and Lethemian Wolfglass
Voice Over: Knoimnot
Monologue Writer: Denise Bassahan
Models: Denzel Feurich, Ami Keita, Brian Assante, Ko Kunst, Adelheid Storms, Judith Siemons, Thomas Sap, Paul Zeper