We are proud to present to you the Amsterdam beach bums collection. A collection that takes great inspiration from what happens in and around the city. The Amsterdam landscape, the millions of tourists that wander around and the freedom the city breathes.

For our third collection we decided to make a little change. Coming from illustrating and surfing we are continuously searching to create items and finetune our style. Remodelling existing styles and working on new stuff in our studio made us change to a new concept of making high-end streetwear.

From now on DEZEEP will be a semi-custom label with unisex one size fits all styles. The items will be made in Amsterdam after you ordered your product. This will ensure exclusivity and a personal touch to all of our items. Besides that, we will work on more drops per year. All seasonless, unisex and one size. As soon as the new collection is ready we will take the old stuff offline. As everything is made to order there won’t be any stock oversaturating the market and no sale.

Photography: Emil Pabon
Styling: Boy Frey
Models: Isabel da Costa / Sjeng Kessels / Boris de Bruijn